MDAH Approves UM’s Plans to Move Confederate Statue

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Resolution from the MDAH Board of Trustees issued on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019.

Only one more box needs to be checked in the list of steps needed to be taken to move the Confederate Statue on the University of Mississippi campus after the Mississippi Department of Archives and History Board of Trustees approved moving the monument during its meeting on Friday.

The MDAH board determined that the plans and specifications for the move comply with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties.

In August, then-interim Chancellor Larry Sparks announced the University’s intent to move the monument located in the Circle to the Confederate Cemetery on campus.

He listed the steps that the university would be taking. The MDAH’s approval of the plans was the second-to-last step. The final step is submitting the request to the Institutions of Higher Learning for its consideration and if approved there, hire a contractor to move the statue.

The MDAH board issued a resolution that should the IHL approve the request, the MDAH will issue a permit for the statue’s relocation.

“We appreciate the work to develop the required documentation for this submission and ensure that the plan abides by state rules, regulations, and policies governing construction projects on our campus. We also appreciate MDAH for its review and approval of our proposed plan,” stated Chancellor Glenn Boyce Friday in a written statement. “With MDAH approval in hand, we will move forward.”

On March 5, the Associated Student Body voted unanimously to relocate the Confederate statue to the Confederate cemetery on campus. The ASB was one of four governing bodies to unanimously vote on the statue’s relocation. The Graduate Student Council, Faculty Senate and Staff Council were the other three in agreement with the ASB’s decision to relocate the statue.

The Confederate soldier statue was put up in 1906.

The IHL meets on Jan. 16; however, it is unknown at this time whether the relocation of the Confederate statue will be on the agenda for the Board of Trustee’s consideration.

You can review the drawings and specifications for the proposed plan.



  1. Vocal Minorities rule or haven’t you heard. That statue has been standing there for over 100 years. Why appease some silly “student” group. Those individuals knew the statue was there and if it bothered them so much, why enroll. Know why? Because no one in administration has any guts. When the persons wanting this moved do something of value in life maybe they should have a voice, if not go to school somewhere else. Obviously you have too much time on your hands. Idiotic to say the least. The re-writing of history in this country is similar to the Taliban destroying things they dislike.


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