Election Update: Lafayette County Elections Final Results With Winners

Here are the unofficial results for Lafayette County elected offices. 

Joey East (D) 12,099 – winner
Jeff South (I) 2,688

Lafayette County Board of Supervisors
District 1
Adam P. Clay (R) 1,169
Brent Larson (D) 1,675 – winner

District 2:
Larry Gillespie (R) 1,848 – winner
Joshua McGlawn (D) 1,718

District 3:
Dale Timothy Gordon (D) 1,834
David Rikard, incumbent (R) 1,877 -winner
Lakeisha Borum (I) 185

District 4:
Chad McLarty, incumbent (D) 1,854 – winner
Derek Mooney (R) 1,337

District 5:
Mike Roberts, incumbent (D) 968 – winner
Johnny Mike Fortner (R) 770

Justice Court Judge Northern:
Andy Turner Arant Jr.(R) 2,997
Carolyn Pettis Bell (D) 3,151 – winner

Senate District 9 (Lafayette County and Panola County)
Nicole Atkins Boyd (R) 10,393 – winner
Kevin Frye (D) 7,317

House of Representatives (These are Lafayette County results only thus far)
District 10
Bobby Dailey (D) 2,503
Brady Williamson (R) 4,622 – winner
Josh Hawkins (I) 2,644

District 12
Clay Deweese (R) 3,056 – winner
Tiffany Kilpatrick (D) 2,894

District 13:
Pamela Denham (D) 2,473
Steve Massengill (R), incumbent 5,560 – winner

Incumbents with no opponents:
Chancery Clerk: Sherry Wall
County Attorney: Jay Chain
Coroner: Rocky Kennedy
Justice Court Judge Southern: Johnny Wayne McLarty
Justice Court Judge Central: Mickey Avent
Constable Northern: Greg “Spankey” Pettis
Constable Central: Jody Mayfield
Constable Southern: Jack E. Theobald

Races decided in primary/run-off elections:
Circuit Clerk: Jeff Busby
Tax Assessor/Collector: Sylvia Baker
Coroner: Rocky Kennedy




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