Unofficial County Election Results With 14 of 18 Precincts Reporting

With 14 out of 18 precincts reporting at 9:20 p.m., here are the results so far for Lafayette County elected offices:

Circuit Clerk – Winner is decided after tonight’s primary.
Jeff Busby (D) 1,622
Karen Curtis Borden (D) 389

Tax Collector/Assessor – Winner will be decided after tonight’s primary.
Sylvia Baker (D) 1,727
Janice Downs Standford, (D) 301

Joey East (D), 1,750
Raymond Westley Sides (D) 347

Jeffrey Clinton South, (Ind.) will face the winner in November.

Justice Court Judge Northern:
Andy Turner Arant Jr.(R) 523
Emily Smathers Ratliff (R) 520

Incumbent Carolyn Pettis Bell (D) will face the winner in November.

Supervisor District 1:
Anthony Cox (R) 72
Harold Brummett (R) 40
Adam P. Clay ( R) 95

Brent Larson (D) will face the Republican winner in November.

Supervisors District 2:
Max Hill (D) 1
J.E. (Ed) Neilson (D) 8
Ava Halon Bonds Gossett (D)17
Leslie Spense (D) 23
Darryl Booker (D) 16
Joshua McGlawn (D) 5
Chad Mills (R) 13
Larry Gillespie (R) 40

Supervisors District 3:
David Rikard, incumbent (R) 609
Davii Jo Chinault (R) 58
Scott Michael ( R) 130

Cynthia Parham (D) 231
Dale Timothy Gordon (D) 555
Alonzo Hilliard (D) 63

Lakeisha Borum (Ind) will face the winner in November.

Supervisors District 4:
Chad McLarty, incumbent (D) 211
Scott Allen (D) 138
Boyd A. Dorris (D) 44
Duncan M. Gray (D) 50

Derek Mooney (R) will face the winner in November.

Supervisor District 5:
Johnny Mike Fortner (R) 296
Gary C. “Bud” Atkinson Jr. (R) 252

Mike Roberts, incumbent (D) will face the winner in November.

Incumbents with no opponents
Chancery Clerk: Sherry Wall (D), incumbent
County Attorney: Jay Chain (D), incumbent
Coroner: Rocky Kennedy (D), incumbent
Justice Court Judge Southern: Johnny Wayne McLarty, incumbent
Justice Court Judge Central: Mickey Avent (D), incumbent
Constable Northern: Greg “Spankey” Pettis, incumbent
Constable Central: Jody Mayfield (D), incumbent
Constable Southern: Jack E. Theobald (D), incumbent


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