Oxford Shops Offering Valentine’s Gifts for Wives, Girlfriends

Story contributed by broadcast journalism students Paris Payne and Jyesha Johnson

Valentine’s Day in Oxford

Produced by Jyesha Johnson and Paris Payne

Love may be in the air, but the pressure is on to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Although there are many routes to take, many begin their journey in the flower shop.

“We like to call Valentine’s our Superbowl,” florist Smitty Smith said, when referring to the high traffic at University Florist this time of year.

The shop has all the traditional gifts, but this year they recommending rose petals in a bag.

“If you really want to get romantic or go the extra mile, this could probably help you in the long run and keep you out the dog house,” Smith said.

For guys who like the idea of buying something long-lasting, Van Atkins Jewelry is ready to make shopping a little easier.

“We have a wish list for all our customers, so if they want to come in and just look we make notes for them,” said jeweler Van Cooper. “After the guy comes in, we will pull out that note sheet and show them what all she looked at and get a feel for what she wants.”

One local husband likes to plan ahead with his gifts.

“I bought the Pandora bracelet because there are all kinds of charms to hang from that,” said shopper Cecil May.

On the other hand, boyfriend of two years Jed Hannaford is currently still weighing his options.

“Honestly, I’m terrified,” he said. “I don’t have anything concrete yet.”


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