New Mississippi License Plate Supports Ole Miss Vets

Story contributed by broadcast journalism student Jack Newsom

Ole Miss prides itself on being welcoming to veterans. Now, a new initiative on campus is designed to show how much the university values its vets.

Ole Miss gives back to Veteran students

The office of Military Services at Ole Miss is giving back to military students through a Welcome Home license plate initiative with proceeds helping fund military student’s education

Andrew Newby, assistant director for veteran and military services, says there’s a good reason to go the extra mile for a student who has been in the armed forces.

“They stopped whatever it was they were doing to serve in the military, and now they come here and it’s our job to welcome them to the University of Mississippi,” Newby said.

People who share Newby’s views now have a new way to help.  The “Welcome Home” license plate initiative, passed in April of 2018, will raise $37 for every plate purchased. All of that money goes to support veterans at Ole Miss.

Eli Buguey is a veteran and a student at the university. He says it’s important for people to know that vets really do appreciate the support.

“It’s the little things like this plate that shows that the community, especially the Ole Miss and Oxford community and the community of Mississippi at large, are invested in veterans going back to school,” Buguey said.

If you are interested in buying a license plate, you can go to and fill out the form on the website, or go to the military services office located on the third floor of Martindale on the Ole Miss camps to fill out an application.


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