Twitter has Mixed Emotions About Ole Miss’ New All-White Uniforms

The official Twitter account for Ole Miss Football released a new hype video July 22 debuting the new all-white uniform. According to the tweet, the team will be wearing these at the season opener in Houston against Texas Tech Sept. 1. 

A new uniform always brings attention to any team, and Ole Miss’ new ones certainly produced some mixed emotions from fans and commentators.

The Ole Miss Football tweet already has more than 1,700 retweets and 3,400 favorites. Here is Twitter’s reaction to the new all-white uniforms: 

Despite the mix of emotions, former and current Rebel football players seem to be in big support of the all white uniform. 

Regardless of your uniform preference, this all-white look will be on the field in just six short weeks. 

Savannah Woods contributed to this story. 


  1. Since 97% of the people in the country don’t know the difference between Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Southern Miss, this is obviously just a ploy by Ross Bjork to divert attention when our Rebs experience a dismal opener and get blasted by Texas Tech.

    Then, people watching on TV will assume we are just Southern Miss without the black trim. Our century-old prior reputation as the FLAGSHIP school, and for football excellence, wonderful traditions, and devoted fan base can therefore be protected from further embarrassment by the current set of administration CLOWNS.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if we continue to emulate Mississippi State in this manner, consider this 50 year long Ole Miss supporter to be done. Just ask yourself what a truly class program does and what it DOESN’T do. Does Alabama wear chrome helmets? gold shoes? Camo jerseys?

    Ole Miss has eliminated many of the things which make it unique, sacrificed at the altar of political correctness. Now we have destroyed the one thing that used to give us pride and allow us to stand out – our wonderful mix of Yale Blue and Harvard Crimson. We are truly now simply “the generic university” [sic] that so many have sought for years.

    With generic uniforms come generic fans and generic attendance and generic contributions and generic reputations. Perhaps we can get our SEC “participation trophy” for our generic athletic performance.


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