Here’s Mississippi’s Most-Watched Show on Netflix

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

When most Mississippians sit down to stream Netflix they have a certain show in mind, according to 

The internet service provider website scoured Google Trends to discover what each state found the most popular show on Netflix in 2017.

“Orange is the New Black” is Mississippi’s most-watched show on Netflix. In fact, it’s the nation’s favorite show. The prison-inspired comedy details the lives of several inmates who are serving time in prison for a variety of reasons. 

Fifteen states, including our southern neighbors Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Louisiana, claimed the show as their favorite. The second most-watched show in five states was “American Vandal”.

The top show in 2016 was “Scandal”, which was the most-searched show in just ten states, the report stated. 

For more information on most-watched shows state-by-state, click here. staff report


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