MSU’s Cannizaro Cites “Poor Decisions” in Resignation Statement

Andy Cannizaro tendered his resignation on Tuesday morning to Mississippi State Athletic Director John Cohen, citing “poor decisions” in a statement that was released by the university.

“I had a wonderful opportunity at Mississippi State, but unfortunately I made some poor decisions,” Cannizaro said. “I hope Mississippi State University and all of the fans and people affected will one day forgive me.”

Cohen named assistant coach Gray Henderson as the interim skipper.

The Bulldogs took to the diamond against Jackson State on Wednesday night. Mississippi State came away victorious by the score of 12-1. After the game, interim coach Henderson and outfielders Hunter Vansau and Jake Mangum were questioned by the Clarion Ledger about rumors of infidelity reportedly being investigated by MSU. All of them stated that the matter was between Cohen and Cannizaro.

The news of the firing of Cannizaro broke on Monday afternoon after the Bulldogs were swept by Southern Mississippi over the weekend. Cannizaro’s tenure at Mississippi State was short-lived as it only lasted one full season and three games.

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