Embezzlement, Shoplifting, and More in Today’s Crime Report

Crime ReportOxford police responded to the following calls: 23 Alarms, two ambulance assist, three animal complaint, three auto-burglary, two careless driving, five civil matters, three disturbing the peace, three domestic disturbance, elderly assist, embezzlement, five fire department assist, two improper parking, lost property, malicious mischief, eight motorists assist, noise violation, four petit larcenies, recovered property, seven shoplifting, two simple assault, 13 suspicious activity, seven suspicious people, suspicious vehicle, utility call out, four welfare concerns.

Oxford police investigated  27 accident, 44 tickets and made the following arrests:
DUI 1st
two DUI 1st, Careless Driving
DUI 1st, Careless Driving, No Insurance
DUI 1st, Careless Driving, No Seatbelt, No Insurance, Failure to Yield Blue Lights
DUI 1st, Expired Driver’s License, Careless Driving
DUI 1st, Ran a stop sign
Possession of Paraphernalia
Possession of Paraphernalia, Expired Driver’s License, Expired Tag, No Seatbelt, No Insurance
Public Drunk, Possession of Schedule 2 Drug
three Public Drunks
Simple Assault-Domestic Violence
Warrant served, No Seatbelt

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department responded to the following incidents: (Monday)11 accidents, aggravated assault, simple assault, 12 alarms, three animal complaints, auto burglary, eight disturbances, two grand larceny, petit larceny, two harassment, juvenile complaint, 16 service calls, 14 suspicious activities, six welfare concerns, four transports, four follow up, traffic complaint, three reckless driving, two civil matters, natural cause of death, vehicle fire.

(Tuesday) Four accidents, alarm, animal complaint, two disturbances, domestic violence, juvenile complaint, four service calls, suspicious activity, four welfare concerns, scam, follow up, traffic complaints.

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department made three arrests
DUI 1st, possession of marijuana in motor vehicle
Domestic violence, simple assault
Disorderly conduct, domestic violence, simple assault

Oxford Fire Department:

1/12 – 09:48 – 206 Glenwood Cove – call cancelled
1/12 – 12:10 – Club View Apts. Office & Clubhouse – workers activated the alarm system
1/12 – 13:21 – 15 Highland Place – stood by for EMS
1/12 – 21:05 – Old Baptist Hospital – elevator equipment room parking garage smoke detector malfunction
1/13 – 00:19 – Old Baptist Hospital – smoke detector and fire alarm malfunction Room 419
1/13 – 12:22 – Kappa Delta House #21 – smoke detector malfunction
1/13 – 15:56 – MS. Federal Credit Union – general fire alarm malfunction
1/13 – 17:57 – City Shop – caller advised smoke coming from the building – it was OUT buses running, no fire or smoke
1/13 – 18:23 – 116 Pen Oak – smoke detectors beeping – low batteries
1/13 – 18:35 – Canterbury Crest #113 – cooking activated the smoke detector
1/13 – 20:31 – Sigma Nu house – call cancelled
1/14 – 08:30 – Winchester – stand by for chlorine tank change out
1/14 – 14:12 – Oxford Health & Rehab – burned popcorn activated a smoke detector
1/14 – 19:35 – 504 Grafton Cove – public assistance – made sure the gas had been cut off properly to the gas fireplace
1/15 – 07:07 – 406 Sisk Ave. – smell of smoke – heating unit going bad
1/15 – 12:07 – 119 North 9th St. – working on sprinkler system
1/15 – 16:34 – University Trails Bldg. 12 – workers activated the fire alarm system (I think the name of these apts. may have changed to “The Flats”)
1/15 – 16:53 – 3012 South Lamar – male subject with chest pains – FD stood by with EMS
1/15 – 19:34 – 1102 South 11th St. – oven fire – resident had fire out before FD arrived – fd did cut off the gas to the stove
1/16 – 05:35 – New Baptist Hospital – first corridor food service smoke detector – cooking activated a kitchen smoke detector

Tuesday’s fire report will be released on Thursday

All lists and reports on Oxford Crime Report were provided by law personnel to HottyToddy.com as part of the public record. All persons depicted are innocent until convicted by a court of law.

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