UM Recipes: How to Make the Best Holiday Gravy Ever (with Video)

Gravy should never be treated as an afterthought, says UM chef instructor Dru Jones. It's more like a labor of love.

The University of Mississippi’s Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management has been educating students about food science and cooking for more than 100 years. In this holiday video series, faculty members share some of the season’s best recipes.

Classic gravy is worth mastering for any occasion, but it is an especially important component in your big holiday meals.

“A lot of times gravy is an afterthought,” said Dru Jones, chef instructor at UM’s Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management. “It’s something that sits on the stove while the green bean casserole and the turkey are being prepared. Actually, whoever’s in charge of the gravy needs to make it their job the entire time.”

In this video, Jones shows viewers how to make a savory from-scratch gravy that perfectly compliments a variety of holiday meats, breads and sides. He demonstrates how to make a roux and stock for the gravy that can otherwise be used in a variety of soups, sauces and stews.

Doing it the right way is certainly a labor of love, but what better time to show that love than the holiday season? After all, gravy is the salt of the holiday table.

Video by Sarah Sapp/University of Mississippi School of Applied Sciences