UM Recipes: Georgianna Mann Shares Sugar Cookie Recipe (with Video)

The University of Mississippi’s Department of Nutrition and Hospitality Management has been educating students about food science and cooking for more than 100 years. In this holiday video series, faculty members share some of the season’s best recipes.

It’s not Christmas without sugar cookies, and Georgianna Mann, an assistant professor of nutrition and hospitality management at the University of Mississippi, knows how to make them quickly and easily.

In the video below, Mann shares her “Tastes Like Christmas” cookie recipe that she learned from her sister. “It was actually the first recipe I made with the mixer I have at home—her name is Rosie, and she is red, and she’s beautiful,” Mann says.

Mann also demonstrates a quick and easy holiday icing that can be colored and flavored in any way imaginable.

Video by Sarah Sapp/University of Mississippi School of Applied Sciences