Confederate Statue Will Remain on Campus, UM Official Confirms

Repairs on the statue have begun and a new plaque has been ordered.

The Confederate Statue in the Circle at Ole Miss is undergoing repairs, which are expected to take two weeks.

A University of Mississippi official confirmed today that the Confederate statue, located in the Circle of the Ole Miss campus, is staying where it is.

Repairs to the statue began yesterday after a driver, believed to have been intoxicated, crashed into the monument in mid-September.

“The statue will be repaired and remain in its current location,” Ryan Whittington, UM’s assistant director of public relations for social media strategy, told

In an earlier statement to the press, Whittington said the statue did not sustain structural damage during the collision, but the base did experience cosmetic damage.

“The contextualization plaque and base were damaged beyond repair during the accident,” Whittington said. “The university expects to complete repairs in the next two weeks.”

A new plaque has been ordered and will be installed upon receipt, which is expected to be before Oct. 20.

Controversy swirled around the plaque, which was placed just a year ago as part of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Historical Context and Contextualization’s plan to contextualize sites on campus. The Confederate statue was one of the first sites to be altered according to the plan, and Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter said in March 2017 that putting the statue into context was preferable to removing it. 

Members of the University’s English Department penned a letter to Vitter in August asking for the relocation of the statue from campus to another site.

“Confederate monuments are not only an affront to a large proportion of our population, but are also a rallying point for neo-Confederates, neo-Nazis, white nationalists and the so-called alt-right,” the letter stated. 

A temporary contextualization plaque has been placed in front of the statue until repairs are complete. Photo by Randall Haley.

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  1. Good decision to continue honoring these brave cadets who were shipped to Pennsylvania and slaughtered in Pickett’s vainglorious charge. I sympathize with them and honor them. They were also conscripted by the Southern power structure — cotton barons and slave breeders. As for hate groups taking control of our monuments to surround them and spew hate, we should fight THEM and not dishonor the dead by taking down a monument to them. The nazisand aryan racists have no right or power to appropriate any historic monument and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. They dishonor the Confederacy, which fought as honorably as you can in a war. These people are terrorists. Since nazis have killed more Americans than any other outside group, their flag should be disallowed and those waving it should be arrested. Should we outlaw the confederate flag? Undecided. I just long for the day when people waving it understand that they are just embarrassing themselves. Good wishes to all, jim

  2. I meant to add ….. I disagree that these statues are an affront to many people. Not true. Who thinks about them anyway? If so, they need to get little thicker skin. It is my opinion that this statue shouldn’t offend anyone with a critical mind and any appreciation of history. And in those days, in this young country, a person is likely more apt to fight for family and his land of Virginia than for some constructed union in which all of his people want to resign …. and they’re being told they can’t do it! Not likely they would fight for the union, is it, especially after the first casualty reports came in? Then our fate was sealed into a national disgrace. best wishes to all, jim

  3. Glad to hear it. The statue denotes an event in the university’s history. Win lose or draw, it happened, and should be, as such, noted.

  4. Wow, even Vitter understands that they can’t do something else to alienate the fans and donors. They have banned from Dixie with love, they removed the state flag, and stopped the band from playing Dixie.

    Toss in the rampant corruption in the athletic department, and surprise

    Donations are down, ticket sales are down, donations to the band are down, people calling for bjorks and Vitter being fired, and generally pissed.

    Take that statue down and they will lose many of the few that are left.