ASB Announces “Landshark Referendum” To Change Ole Miss Mascot, Vote Upcoming

Kaitlin Lee throws up the fin after a strikeout in the NCAA tournament. Photo by Steven Gagliano

On Monday morning, the Ole Miss Associated Student Body released a statement to announce the new “Landshark Referendum” seeking to change the on-field mascot from the Rebel Black Bear to the Landshark.

The Landshark has been a symbol at Ole Miss since former Rebel LB Tony Fein first threw up the gesture against Tim Tebow’s Gators in Ole Miss’ 2008 upset of Florida. Since then, the Landshark has made its way to the basketball court, softball and baseball fields and across Rebel nation. The full statement from ASB president Dion Kevin III can be seen below:

The vote will take place on September 26th as a part of campus-wide elections. 

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  1. This is going nowhere. The change will pass, but the administration will never admit they blew it when they chose that stupid bear.
    (And please don’t think for a second that the student vote that chose the Bear was legit. The fix was in)