Coop DeVille: Gone but Never Forgotten

Coop Deville as it was remembered. Photo courtesy of the Long Family Blog.

If you were in Oxford in the summer of 2016, you probably heard taps playing softly one night as the beloved Coop DeVille silently closed its doors for good.

No big announcement, no social media posts about it; it simply just didn’t open one morning. Or the next day. Or the next day. It stood empty until recent weeks when it was finally cleaned out, renovated, and a big “Fashion Nail Spa” sign was slapped on the front.

The old Coop Deville on Jackson Ave. is now a Fashion Nail Spa.

For current upperclassmen and recent alumni, Coop DeVille was an Oxford staple. Why? Not only were their chicken wings delicious, but they DELIVERED. That’s right. Many “tired” students would find themselves anxiously waiting for their chicken to be driven right up to their doorsteps. They could eat their wings while watching Saturday Night Live before passing out on their couch. It wasn’t just food; it was an experience. 

But I’m sure Fashion Nail Spa will be cool, too.

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