OPD Advises Caution At Gas Pumps Amid Reports Of Card Skimming

On Wednesday, the Oxford Police Department put out a PSA about a potential card skimmer at gas stations in the Oxford area. In the announcement, which can be seen below, OPD urges customers to check the card reader before inserting their card to help avoid their card from being skimmed and their information being taken. 

Oxford Police Dept on Twitter

ATM & Gas Pump Skimmer Alert! #scams

While the department hasn’t gotten any more reports, they are “gathering information of where the skimmers were placed.” While they work to resolve the issue and catch the culprits, Major Jeff McCutchen gives the following advice to the people of Oxford. 

“We ask everyone to be very attentive to their surroundings anytime they are making purchases,” McCutchen said. “With technology advancements today it has become more assessable for your information to be stolen. Criminals are using technology because it’s easier to steal and difficult for law enforcement to identify them. When you are making purchases check the device before inserting your card. If it’s loose or has anything attached or sticking out, do not insert your card and notify management.”

HottyToddy.com will update this story with any arrests that are made in the case. 

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