Midterm Week As Told By “Friends”

When midterm week rolls around, every student just wants to curl up in a ball and cry as they try to recap what they have learned thus far.

Okay, maybe that is slightly dramatic, but it is not too far fetched. Midterms are stressful and college is hard, but that does not make the difficulty or the stress go away. However, here is a pretty accurate depiction of almost every student’s feelings during midterms as told by “Friends.” 

10When the teacher announces what day the midterm will be on…

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Obviously, I will show up in my appropriate school attire, which strictly consists of black leggings and an oversized t-shirt that will swallow my body and my sorrows whole. #NotEvenJoking #TheCollegeUniform

9When the teacher announces all of the chapters that will be on the midterm…

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We have all had this awful feeling when the teacher announces all five chapters that are on the midterm. Honestly, how have we even “learned” this much? Is she positive about this? #ButIThoughtItWasOnlyThreeChapters #IAmToast

8When you look at all the notes you have taken in class thus far…

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Yeah, that sounds about right. I think we are all about to pull a “Joey Tribbiani” during midterms. #WhatDoesThisEvenSay #BlooBlahBlay

7When you realize you have two (or more) midterms on the same day…

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I agree with Ross, this is just outrageous. What did I do to deserve this? #HowDoYouDoSchool #WillISurvive #LetMeKnow

6When you are taking the midterm and you have absolutely no idea what the question is that is being asked…

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I swear, sometimes teachers just throw in random irrelevant words just to throw you off. I definitely did not have this word in my notes. Is this even a real word? #LetMeKnow #LookingThisOneUpAfterTheTest

5When you realize you did not study nearly enough for this midterm…

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Ugh, this is the worst feeling of all time. Especially when you KNOW you could have known the answer to that question had you looked over your notes a little bit longer. #WhyDidIStopStudying #ICanRecapMyEntireFacebookFeedInstead?

4When you read over your answer on the essay portion of the test…

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Hmmm, this happens to me more often than not. Is that even in the right language? Eh, whatever, this will just have to do because we all know I am not rewriting this answer. #IHateEssays #MidtermsReallyAreTheWorst

3When you are almost certain you know that you are thinking of the correct answer…

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Yes, this has to be the correct answer. I am almost certain that is what was written on the board? Yes, lets just go with it. #JustRollWithIt #ThatIsMyFinalAnswer

2When you get out of the midterm and recap the test with your friends…

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Oh okay good, so we are either all going to get a 100, or we are all going to fail. As long as we are all in this together, I will be okay. #PassOrFailTogether #WeAreAllInThisTogether

1When you get up to turn in your test and walk out of the room…

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I regret absolutely nothing. The test is over, and I am a brand new person. Look out world because HERE. I. COME. #NoRegrets #GoodbyeMidterms

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