Trump’s Tough Road Ahead

When Donald Trump walks through doors of The White House in January, not only will he be forced to deal with the disastrous Obama Care debacle, he will discover a long road filled with many potholes that took place during Obama’s watch.

Some of the highlights:

Trump will discover this country spends $11,600 per year per student in education, yet despite this high dollar spending, America ranks 17th in reading, 19th in science, and 26th in math.

Trump will also find almost 95 million of Americans are on some form of government dependency and that expanded by 12 million people during the time Obama was in office.

Trump will discover one out of six young men between the ages of 18 – 34 are either in jail or living in their parent’s home and not working.

Trump will be sad to learn that while in office, Obama accumulated more debt for this country than all 43 presidents before him combined.

Trump will also find America’s foreign policy to be a joke; our borders to be exactly as he said they were when he was running for office – open and mostly unsecured; and in energy, Trump will learn America has enough natural resources that could fuel this country for generations to come, yet Obama never made that a priority.

The list of discoveries will be endless, and the mountain climbing will be very steep for Trump.

Scott Coopwood, a seventh generation Deltan, lives in Cleveland, Mississippi, with his wife Cindy and their three children. Scott is the publisher and owner of Delta Magazine, one of the South’s leading lifestyle publications, the Delta Business Journal, the first business publication in the Mississippi Delta; and Cleveland’s weekly newspaper, The Cleveland Current . 


  1. We are all Americans. I wish the liberal media and people who don’t identify themselves with conservative political beliefs would remember that. I know millions of us conservatively minded people felt that we had taxation with no representation during the last administration. We on both sides could try to be more open-minded.

    The people spoke and many were tired of giving politicians their vote and then nothing was done for them in the next four years. How to win an election is not more campaigning, it is doing something constructive and unifying with the four years you’ve got in D.C. Just my thoughts and please respect my 1st amendment rights. The current president had no, no experience in many fields when he came to the White House. I have full confidence that President-Elect Trump will surround himself with the most capable people. Let’s give him a chance.

  2. Yes, the forgotten electorate has spoken. There is no doubt that President elect Trump will surround himself with those who have built consesus between groups of unlike mind, signed pay checks and run successful businesses. Unlike our current President who insists on getting his advice from academians whose only experience in any form is similar to his formative years “working” as a community organizer and outright crooks like Hillary who spent the previous 30 years promoting failed social reform efforts especially as relates to health care.

    Let’s move along and give our new President time to appoint those who can help right the ship of State and the economy rather than sob and grouse over a process that is concluded. The process of reaching an accord together is not an impossible task. This man has built an empire over time by creating partnerships and getting deals done with those that he may not agree with on many levels!


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