Video Game World Champ Seeks to Become Pinball Wizard in Las Vegas

Daniel Lee Perea
Daniel Lee Perea

Daniel Lee Perea, having recently broken an arcade video game world record in Ohio, now wants to add a pinball world record to his resume.

He will be traveling to Las Vegas to visit the Pinball Hall of Fame. The Hall is a non-profit museum and arcade that commemorates the art and engineering of pinball machines by collecting and maintaining them. It has one of the largest collections of pinball machines in the world – and they’re all playable.

“I’ve been to the Pinball Hall of Fame twice, and it’s amazing to see that many machines in one place. They have antiques from the very early era of pinball to modern releases and everything in between,” Perea said.

Daniel is no stranger to breaking video game high score records, which are tracked and verified by Twin Galaxies – a 35 year old organization and Guinness World Records partner. However, unlike his other high scores, this trip represents a unique challenge.

He said, “”You can play a home console video game all day long, and you can practice on a computer emulated version of an arcade game. But there’s no way to train on a pinball machine unless you own or have access to one. I just have to wing it, and frankly, I have no idea whether I can really break it or not. Pinball has always been harder for me than video games. I may run out of quarters very quickly. But hey, Archie Manning didn’t win every game either.”

The machine Daniel, an avowed sci-fi fan, picked for this attempt is Doctor Who. The current record for the machine set on factory default mode is 48,893,110. Fortunately, he’ll have a little help in the form of moral support from his sponsor.

He said, “My gaming sponsor is Yalobusha Brewing. And it’s great to be supported by a Mississippi business who’s creating jobs here, and who produce a great product that I really enjoy. Ever since they started, I’ve been singing their praises and trying to promote their brand. Nobody asked me to. I just believe in supporting local Mississippi products. Owner Andy O’Bryan and I went on to become friends. It only made sense to approach them about a sponsorship.”

Perea’s record attempt will take place today, March 7.

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  1. Thank you for writing about pinball. Did you all mess up the digit count on that score? A great score on Dr Who usually is much higher than that factory settings or not. Any press pinball as a sport receives is awesome! Thank you! 48 million is maybe 20 flips of the flipper in Dr. Who. Callie Daniels Bryant, I could teach you how to beat this score with your eyes closed. Don’t call Guiness unless you roll the dmd.

  2. This wouldn’t be a pinball world record. Lol. I’m not even big time but even I know that stuff goes through the league or whatevs. This guys delusional. Or the writers misinformed.


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