Meagan Kennedy Sings First National Anthem at Pavilion at Ole Miss

Wow! Just … wow. Who knew?

Photos and video by Jeff McVay
Photos and video by Jeff McVay
Rebel basketball coach Andy Kennedy’s daughter, Meagan Kennedy, literally wowed the crowd last night as she was the first to sing the national anthem at the new Pavilion at Ole Miss.

Fitting, really, that both Kennedys would leave the facility on a winning note as the Rebs vaulted to a huge SEC West divisional win after trailing at halftime against Alabama.

If this doesn’t get your attention and give you pause … seek help.

Nicely done, Meagan. is proud of and happy for the entire Kennedy clan this morning after last night’s tantalizing showcase.

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  1. Where is your state flag? Not having it in a colour guard is insulting, degrading to the people of Mississipp, the service men of your state and the government which helps fund your college. You should be ashamed.

  2. @Matthew I agree with you about the fact that the state flag should be everywhere at a state University. I would like to let you know though that the color guard belongs to the Oxford (ms) High School marine corps junior ROTC. I was heavily involved in this JROTC in high school and have friends that are in that picture. I would also let you know that our color guard does not carry the state flag in any event, it is displayed in the classroom, but according to USMC regulations we have to carry the USMC flag in our color guards. Thank you, I only wanted to inform.

  3. I support our University’s decision to refuse to fly the confederate emblazoned state flag. Ole Miss RIGHTLY joined ALL of the other major universities in Mississippi in removing the divisive banner. Flags should unite those over whom it flies. This flag can never do that. It’s time for the legislature and the people of Mississippi to adopt a new symbol for our awesome state.

    I’m a native Oxonian, an Ole Miss graduate and the great, great, great grandson of General Albert Sydney Johnston. I was marinated in the stories, the history and the myths of the Old South. I’m glad that the young people of Ole Miss and other Mississippi universities are looking more toward the future of the state and her people instead of living totally in the checkered past. It makes no sense to me that a state with hundreds of years of recorded and oral history has place ALL of her eggs in the basket of four short years when our state joined the greatest act of treason against the United States of America. I’m a proud American, a proud Southerner, a proud Mississippian and a proud Ole Miss Rebel, but none of those things precludes me from letting go of symbols that divide us.

    Hotty Toddy!


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