Point and No Point: New Feature Column Discussing Social, Political Issues

A new feature column on Hottytoddy.com, “Point and No Point” tackles important social and political issues from two different point of views.

Each week, until the 2016 presidential election, two local contributors are writing affirmative and counter point columns on a particular subject. The “Point” column is the affirmative, and the “No Point” is the counter point to the affirmative.

Steve Vassallo, contributor for Hottytoddy.com and Oxford realtor, and Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, former trial lawyer and University of Mississippi alumnus, real-life friends with very different opinions when it comes to social and political issues.

“We are going to have a weekly column exploring all of the issues of the presidential election coming up,” Vassallo said. “Dickie’s point of view is more from the liberal and me, the Republican view. It will allow the readers to hear the facts of Dickie’s point of view and the other point of view.”

According to Vassallo and Scruggs, topics to expect are immigration, the U.S. and Mexico border, the economy, the Middle East, Syrian refugees, the second amendment and terrorism to name a few.

“‘Point and No Point’ is going to be a discussion of current issues and world and national affairs and politics,” Scruggs said. “I think it’s educational to hear two points of view. These days it seems that you have one point of view and hang out with people who share that and do not hear the other view.”

Scruggs said the columns are a civil discourse between two friends. Scruggs and Vassallo are alternating who writes the “Point” and who counter reacts with the “No Point.”  Readers should expect to read “Point and No Point” starting in January of 2016.

Emily Newton is a staff writer for hottytoddy.com and the editor of Experience Oxford magazine. She can be reached at emily.newton@hottytoddy.com.

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  1. This will be interesting since I’ve never seen anything on this website that wasn’t the conservative political/social/religious point of view. You would think that we native Oxonians and Ole Miss Rebels could never turn out to be liberal but yet a lot of us exist.


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