Neely-Dorsey: Celebrating the South With Poetry

made in mississippi patricia dorsey

Patricia Neely-Dorsey writes poetry in celebration of her Southern heritage in Mississippi. Here are a few selected poems to enjoy this summer’s weekend in the Deep South with.

ms neely dorsey


mud and magnolias neely dorsey


country living neely-dorsey

patricia dorsey

Patricia Neely-Dorsey is the author of two books of poetry, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life In Poems and My Magnolia Memories and Musings-In Poems. Through her poems, the author hopes to protect, preserve and promote the rich cultural history and heritage of her state and region along with providing more positive images than all of the negative images usually portrayed. Patricia lives in Tupelo with her husband James, son Henry and Miniature Schnauzer, Happy. The author has been named a Goodwill Ambassador for the state by Governor Phil Bryant. Her slogan is “Always, Always Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi ” Her website is and her email is


  1. I dearly love the poems. your slogan and your desire to imprint a positive image of the South. I have always done the same and it ‘ain’t easy’. I am a writer of short stories, poems and essays with a Southern theme. I was born and raised in Alabama, and my state suffers from stereotyping and caricatures too. We as Southern writers and people have to show America a different and more positive image so their opinions can be formed based on who we are and not who they think we are. I intend to check your books from the library and enjoy an excellent read.
    I praise and encourage you to keep up your positive image making vocation!! I certainly intent to travel on my road to a positive Southern image.


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