Richard "Dickie" Scruggs is a well known Democrat and anchors the position of the Left in Point/No-Point. An arch conservative, Steve Vassallo holds the political position of the Right in Point/No-Point.

Steve Vassallo

Vassallo, Scruggs Debate: Should the U.S. Cut Back on Foreign Aid?

Steve Vassallo: Absolutely! A country $19 trillion in debt needs to focus exclusively on reducing the debt, not increasing it by continuing to give away...

Scruggs, Vassallo Debate: Entitlements and the Deficit

Dickie Scruggs: Our deficit is the result of too low taxes on the one-percenters, not federal spending, which has been flat for 50 years. Many...

Vassallo, Scruggs Debate: The Vision of Normalizing Relations with Iran and Cuba

Steve Vassallo: Any future meaningful relationship must be a win win scenario for both sides. According to the BBC News, the previous sixty years...

Scruggs, Vassallo Debate: Which Presidential Candidate Has Better Plans for Growth

Dickie Scruggs: Hillary Clinton’s plans for economic growth are sensible—even conservative. “Hillary believes the defining economic challenge of our time is raising incomes for hardworking...

Vassallo, Scruggs Debate: Would Americans Be Safer if More Adults Carried Guns?

Steve Vassallo: More responsible adults need to carry guns and should be encouraged to do so. Profiling and vetting should be enhanced to keep...

Scruggs, Vassallo Debate: Changing USA Immigration Policy?

Dickie Scruggs: We need a sane immigration policy—not a roundup. The argument over illegal immigration across the southern border is essentially over. Like it or...