OSD Superintendent Offers Advice to Parents as They Facilitate Online Instruction

Story contributed by Erin Donaldson
Broadcast journalism student

As schools have shut down due to COVID-19, local parents are having to accept the new reality of their K-12 school children learning from home.

Many parents have jobs that require them to be working during the day. Having their kids home from school now has ultimately become another job in itself.

Oxford School Superintendent Brian Harvey, gave a few bits of advice to parents that he is trying to practice in his own home:

“…not that I’ve done it great, but I would say that the first thing is get up out of bed and create a schedule, and that’s hard to do,” Harvey said. “It’s easy to put things off, but it’s all gonna pile up on you at some point.”

Harvey mentioned he’s been encouraging students to build their minds, bodies and relationships during this time, but that’s he’s confident things will eventually get back to normal.


Oxford School District Parents Reacting to Online Schooling Transition

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“At this point we’re just trying to mitigate the damage instructionally and socially,” said Harvey. “When we do come out of this, we’re ready to move on.”

Abigail Flowers, Blow Dry Bar owner and mom of three, applauded the school district in how they’ve handled the transition to online. With a 7th, 4th and 1st grader at home, she’s got quite the handful.

“I mean the Oxford School District has just gone above and beyond,” Flowers said. “I mean their biggest thing is they don’t want anybody to feel like they are left behind.”

Flowers described how helpful it’s been to be able to meet with teachers on Zoom for any questions, but also said that her kids have actually been pretty disciplined when it comes to their school routine.

“My big girls, they get their own school work done. They’re pretty good about it…my youngest I have to help him, but he pretty much enjoys it.”

The school district’s website posted some tips for what parents can expect from online learning, and Harvey says he’s happy to speak to any parents who have concerns.



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