Ole Miss student concerns during online classes

Ole Miss COVID 19 concerns

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This story was contributed by JT Butts (jbutts@go.olemiss.edu).

As Ole Miss first week of online classes are coming to an end. Students and faculty react on what is being taken place to make this transition better. Ole Miss student Jakob Gammons reacts on classes being cancelled. 


I was shocked for the most part. I didn’t think it would get to the extent that it did. To where they would go ahead and cancel classes for the rest of the semester. Jakob Gammons said. Then I was kind of thinking about how I would go through the rest of the semester with online classes. 


Ole Miss faculty have set up plans to help students have smooth transition in taking online classes for the remainder of the semester. Ole Miss chief marketing and communications officer, Jim Zook, explains what has been taken in action to help students succeed in their online classes. 


We have a group, a keep learning group, a task force. That’s working with students and providing support services for students in this new environment. Jim Zook said. They have been working with students individually to help them find whatever accommodations they need to gain access, and be able to keep up with their classes. 


Ole Miss student Jakob Gammons believes the school is handling everything in the best of their abilities. Jakob Gammons biggest concern is, will student receive a refund for not being able to attend Ole Miss for the rest of this semester.  


Ole Miss has yet to send out an email regarding to students receiving a refund. Hopefully the university will inform students and parents about this problem. 


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