Swastika Graffiti Discovered at Avent Park in Oxford

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Swastikas were painted on a cement bench at Avent Park.
Photo provided

The Oxford Police Department is investigating a report of a swastika painted onto a bench in Avent Park.

A woman walking through the trails Thursday discovered the vandalism and reported it to OPD.

“We are unsure how long it has been there,” said OPD Chief Jeff McCutchen.

There are no suspects at this time.

“We ask that the public report any suspicious activity and if anyone has information to please contact OPD at 662-232-2400.”

There have been no other reports of similar graffiti recently.

“We are deeply troubled by the appearance of this symbol of hate in Oxford,” said Nina Rifkind with the Jewish Federation of Oxford. “We are hopeful that this was an isolated incident and have no reason to believe otherwise at this time. We will continue to be vigilant and report any potentially criminal acts of antisemitism or bigotry to the appropriate local and federal authorities.”


  1. Well, WHOOPIE-DOO – SOMEONE paints a swastika and it’s NEWS? Just ignore it. No telling WHICH side they are on when he/she posted it? Remember in 2002/2003 when racist stuff was posted at Ole Miss and it was a big uproar UNTIL it was revealed that African-American students had done it? Then crickets.


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