Oxford Soon Seeking Bids for New Traffic Signal at Oxford Way/South Lamar

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Before Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill could finish reading the agenda item, Alderman Janice Antonow jumped at the chance to make the motion to advertise for bids for a new traffic light at Oxford Way.

“We’re been waiting a long time for this,” Antonow said.

The engineering staff requested permission to advertise for bids for the installation of the traffic signal that will go up at the intersection of South Lamar Boulevard and Oxford Way.

The need for a signal was identified in a traffic impact study provided by the developers of Oxford Farms several years ago.

At that time, the city agreed to develop plans, construct and fund the project in the amount up to $250,000. The funds for the signal are currently budgeted for this fiscal year.

There will be some utility relocation required for a small portion of the overhead power line on the east side of South Lamar in order for an ADA accessible sidewalk to be constructed from the existing sidewalk to the roadway.

The traffic signal will include pedestrian signalization as well.


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