Regents School of Oxford Wins First-Ever State Championship

By Judson Scott Intern

Oxford Regents Cross-Country team. Photo provided by Regents. 

Regents School of Oxford’s varsity boys cross country team won their first-ever state championship recently. The victory marks the inaugural championship in the school’s history.

Brandon Beckett, head coach for the varsity boy’s cross-country team, said his team is made up of 10 dedicated runners. 

“Jack Berry was our top finisher for the state meet. He finished 5th overall, followed by Rhodes Scott finishing 6th overall,” Beckett said.

Other varsity runners include Samuel Bryan (11th overall), Tristan Bryan (12th overall), James Edwards (13th overall), Ethan Wood (18th overall), George Stouton Haymans (25th overall), Shep McLaughlin (26th overall), Camden Reed (30th overall) and Nate Paul (36th overall.)

The state meet took place at Choctaw Trails in Clinton, Mississippi. The trail consisted of mostly grass and dirt but also had some very challenging hills.

Beckett believes that the practice his team put in is the reason why they were so successful.

“We had official practice three days per week, sometimes before school and sometimes after. I also asked them to run an additional day on their own,” Beckett said.

Regents was able to get through the likes of Delta Streets Academy and Christ Covenant Church, who had been their biggest competition all year long.

Ultimately, Beckett believes this team was able to be so successful because of their depth and willingness to work.

“This was a team effort. Everyone contributed to this team throughout the season. Everyone embraced their role on the team and it resulted in a championship,” Beckett said. 

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