Lafayette School Board Considers Appeal From Softball Coach

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

Lafayette High School head softball coach Katie Jenkins said she’s “still in the dark” after meeting with the Lafayette County School Board Monday in regards to her being reassigned.

The reassignment came after four students complained to the school district claiming verbal abuse during practice.

Jenkins and her attorney met with school board members to appeal the decision during a closed, executive session meeting during the regular board meeting Monday. However, after the executive session, she said outside the board room that the school board members did not tell her “anything.”

Superintendent Adam Pugh said he could not comment on the situation because it was a personnel matter and no other information on the conditions of the reassignment was released.

About 20 parents and members of the softball team attended Monday’s meeting; however, they were asked to wait outside during the executive session and were not allowed to speak on Jenkins’ behalf. They were told they could request to be on the agenda for the next meeting if they wanted to speak to the board.

Jenkins is also a math teacher in the Lafayette County School District and is currently still employed.

She has been the head softball coach for eight years.

A woman standing outside during the executive session said she never worried about her daughter while she played with Jenkins.

The players who filed the accusations did not attend Monday’s meeting but presented their complaints before the board last week, also in a closed session.

Jenkins’ attorney Chris Latimer told the group of parents and players that their presence made an impression on the board and thanked them for their support.


  1. Actually only two current players showed up to support her last night. Three formal players and their sisters, and their moms and boy friends and all Jenkins friends and family. It only takes one child to be abused to be caught. Verbal Abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. It can really damage a child. Their are a lot of facts that have not came out yet but soon will.


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