Plumlee Back to Full Strength After Knee Injury

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

John Rhys Plumlee rushed for 165 yards against the Commodores and passed for 99. Photo by Joshua McCoy / Ole Miss Athletics.

Ole Miss quarterback John Rhys Plumlee met with the media on Wednesday to discuss his bounceback after a recent minor surgical procedure. 

Plumlee went through a mild scope during the off week to fix his left meniscus that was injured during the first half of the game against Texas A&M. 

“I remember when it happened and I just played through it,” Plumlee said. “On a run and I got tackled out of bounds as I rolled over the top of the guy. He ended up on top of me. As I got up it popped a little bit. I thought my knee just popped and when I went to the next play I could tell there was something wrong with it.”

Plumlee told the staff at halftime and, after being evaluated, they said no further damage could be done and he went back into the game.

“Dr. (Kurre) Luber did a really good job of just getting me ready to go back on the field Saturday,” Plumlee said.

The Ole Miss training staff put Plumlee through rigorous rehab to keep his quad strong and keep everything moving smoothly. The Hattiesburg native said he is having to wear a sleeve over his knee to keep the circulation and the swelling down.

Head Coach Matt Luke said he was pleased with his progress in practice when Plumlee went in full contact.

“Plumlee practiced full (Wednesday) and looked good,” Luke said.

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