OUT Works to Develop New App, Update Technology

By Kristopher Storey
Hottytoddy.com Intern

OUT administrators are working to improve the transit system.
File photo

A new app is being designed for the Oxford University Transit bus system will provide a more reliable experience for riders and drivers.

Recently, the Oxford-University Transit Commission reviewed the new app and other technological upgrades that OUT officials have been working on.

The app, designed by information technician Ryan Grover, will give the administrators and the route coordinators more information and statistics in order to provide the best service for their patrons. It will give a percentage on how full the buses may be, the ability to make time changes on routes and also alert them of any issues.

OUT officials are also looking at the advancement of the technology the bus drivers are currently using. Bus drivers are using paper sheets and a watch to keep up with the time of routes and how much time they have until their next stop.

Now, OUT is looking to go digital.

They are planning to supply every bus with an iPad which will allow the bus drivers to make in routes changes that would immediately update the app held by the passengers.

This allows the bus drivers to have more control over the routes. Drivers would be alerted as to whether they needed to speed up or slow down in order to make the stops on time.

Bus drivers would also be able to see traffic conditions with the updated GPS system that is used on the iPads.

General Manager Donna Zampella said she is looking forward to this new technology.

“This new app will be better than the system that we have and it will only be a fraction of the cost,” Zampella said.

The new web app is still under construction, and there is no set time for when it will be ready to launch.




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