Mayor Seeks Individuals Who Damaged Square Flower Beds

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

Mayor Robyn Tannehill is calling on the LOU community for any information on the four individuals responsible for damaging flower beds located in the heart of the Square early Sunday morning.

At approximately 2 a.m., four individuals laid down and romped in the flower beds at the cross-walk on South Lamar damaging the plants placed by the grounds department.

This is not the first time the flower beds on the Square have been damaged in this nature. The city arrested another individual last year for participating in the exact behavior.

“This type of disregard for our community is disgusting,” Tannehill said.

Six groundskeepers show up every morning at 4 a.m. to water plants, weed flower beds, empty trash and powerwash the sidewalks as needed, according to Tannehill.

She said the people who take care of the town’s landscaping invest enormous amounts of time in planning, working and putting their heart into the beauty that the community all enjoys.

“It breaks my heart for them that their hard work can be destroyed in seconds,” Tannehill said. “This is vandalism and [it] will be addressed.”

As mayor, Tannehill works with the Board of Aldermen on key issues that affect the town and its residents. Although the damaged flower beds might seem like a smaller issue to some, “the people who engage in this type of disregard for our community cannot be allowed to go unpunished,” she said.

Tannehill said city officials have already received numerous leads on the individuals who damaged the flower beds early Sunday morning.

Tannehill is asking for anyone who has any information on the four individuals to email her at


  1. While their behavior is unacceptable, it’s not helpful to refer to them as “jerks” and sends the wrong message about our leadership


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