Luke Pleased With Energy, Enthusiasm as Rebels Return to Camp

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Quarterback Matt Corral on the practice field. Photo by Adam Brown.

The Ole Miss football team returned to the practice field Monday morning in preparation for the season opener against the Memphis Tigers.

The Rebels spent the first two days of camp without pads and on Monday laced up to start contact. 

“We spent the first two days without pads on trying to get our feet underneath us,” Ole Miss head coach Matt Luke said.

On Saturday, Luke said the heat got to the team, but the overall energy has been positive. 

“We still have a lot of things to work on. I’m pleased with the effort and the physicality – that’s what I like seeing,” he said.

The young offensive line is led by senior Alex Givens and Michael Howard, additionally, who Luke said has “really stepped up” during camp. 

“(The “O” line) is preparing with a sense of urgency and with a chip on their shoulder,” Luke said. “(Howard’s) added weight has really helped him.”

Luke also spoke to his two senior tight ends who are thriving in camp – Jason Pellerin and Octavious Cooley.

“With two veteran guys we will also be able to run the ball,” he said.

Ole Miss opens the 2019 season on the banks of the Mississippi River as they take on the Memphis Tigers Aug. 30. Kickoff is slated for 11 a.m. on ABC.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Pardon me for sidetracking quite a bit, but it seems that the media might have ignored the real reason behind Tom Mars’s addition to the NCAA Complex Cases Unit. How does Tom Mars get a powerful job with the NCAA’s Complex Cases unit? It is very likely an indication of how much the NCAA fears the Ole Miss Rebel Rags lawsuit. Unable to justify in court what it did to Rebel Rags and Ole Miss, the NCAA has been forced to resort to a modern day muckraker who specializes in targeting individuals. Tom Mars has demonstrated a willingness and even glee in destroying people’s lives. Rebel Rags and Ole Miss need to be alert to personal threats and ready to respond accordingly. The kids and coaches from Mississippi State should also expect to be thrown under the bus now that Tom Mars has the task of protecting the NCAA. I believe Tom Mars to be a spiteful and unprincipled person. In the case of Shea Patterson, he was willing to distort the truth unnecessarily just to spite the University of Mississippi, which I understand was willing to release Shea Patterson, their second string QB, to Michigan (worth noting that Shea might have to share first string duties at Michigan this year). Mars claimed that Patterson was misled by Ole Miss. This is a little difficult to believe, given that Patterson’s brother was a coach on the Ole Miss staff the whole time he was at Ole Miss. Either Shea’s brother is a total imbecile or this was a lie.


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