Frustration Mounts for Twelve Oaks Subdivision Residents Regarding Sewage Issues

By Collin Rivera intern

Sewage problems on Bonnie Blue Drive in the Twelve Oaks subdivision continue to rise, according to residents. To discuss major concerns with Lafayette County officials, residents held a town hall meeting Tuesday, July 16 to discuss the county’s next plan of action.

Residents of the Twelve Oaks Subdivision discuss issues with the community’s sewage problems. Photo by Collin Rivera.

Subdivision developer, Billy Westbrook, began the meeting explaining the plan to fix the sewage situation is to find the piping underground causing the leaking. 

“One of the first steps we’re going to have to take is to dig about 8 feet underground and look at the piping, and if there’s piping that’s egg-shaped then it has to be fixed until we get to piping that looks like a normal pipe,” Westbrook explained to the residents attending the town hall meeting.

The biggest question that remains, without an answer seeming to be found, is how the rates for the sewer fees cannot be determined at this time. Westbrook said the project has to get approved before they can guarantee any set price for the residents.

“We have some of the lowest fees here in this state and I will make sure that we continue to do so, and get a fair price we can all agree on,” he said. 

There were still several questions from residents as to how long the project could take and how it will affect the living situations near the construction. Westbrook was unsure to how long the process could take but assured the residents that the project will get done properly so another sewage leak, like the one in 2017, will not happen again.

Tensions continued to rise as residents questioned whether after the construction for the piping was complete if the developer was planning on fixing the damaged roads and storm drains.

“While the budgeting for some of the holes could not be done immediately, it is on a list of future projects they plan on completing,” Supervisor David Rikard said.

Several people at the meeting voiced their displeasures on many of the details being generalized and the dates for the completion for projects could not be set in stone.


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