Local Store Gives Back to Community with Free School Supplies

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

Hemp Ville CBD is located on 1801 Jackson Avenue. Photo by Talbert Toole.

Giving back to his community has been a long-standing tradition for Antonio (Tony) Barragan, owner of Oxford’s Hemp Ville CBD—located at 1801 Jackson Ave.

Now, with his CBD store open and functioning over the past four months, Barragan and his crew at Hemp Ville are ready to invest in their community once more.

Beginning July 1, Hemp Ville is offering free school supplies for 10 students from the Oxford, Lafayette, North and South Panola School Districts.

Students from the four districts are asked to bring in a school supplies list from his or her respected district, and he or she is automatically entered in the give-a-way.

Hemp Ville will announce the winners on July 26. Winners of the give-a-way may pick up their school supplies the first week of August. Students in grades K-12 are eligible to participate.

Barragan said he has always been a huge advocate of investing back into his community no matter where he has lived. While a resident of Panola County, Barragan had actively invested in the community, such as purchasing football jerseys for North Panola.

“We’ve always worked closely with the schools,” Barragan said.

Investing in his communities have reached beyond the confines of a school building, however. Barragan and his family have even hosted students for the holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“It’s in our nature to do things like this,” he said.

Community engagement is a special connection for Barragan. He said members of communities simply survive off of them.

Being a local store, he said it is important for him and his business to give back to those who shop at Hemp Ville.

Although most of Hemp Ville’s clientele are adults, Barragan said it is still important to give back to the community.

“What we can do is start with the kids,” he said. “We try to help out our students as much as we can.”

Helping students with school supplies is also helping the parents, Barragan said. It can be a huge financial burden when purchasing school supplies for multiple students.

For more information on Hemp Ville CBD, visit the store’s website.


  1. It would be helpful to know what kind of store Hemp Ville CBS is. Does is sell anything other than school supplies?

    Once again, Hotty Toddy readers are left having to figure things out for themselves.


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