Bramlett Receives $34K for New Garden

By Collin Rivera intern

Students at Bramlett Elementary School may soon find themselves with green thumbs, thanks to a Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation grant for a new garden at the school.

The grant is for $34,209 that will provide materials for the new garden.

Bramlett already has a small garden in development with rosebuds; however, these additional funds will allow for a new greenhouse, 12 tower gardens and an aeroponic growing system for the garden.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have amazing parents who dream big and seek extra resources to benefit our children,” said OSD Superintendent Brian Harvey. “This garden at Bramlett Elementary will not only be a great teaching tool but also is a reminder for everyone’s health and wellness.”

Parent Tess Johnson, who led the application of the grant, explained that this program is all about the children.

“This program is for the students to get involved, they will plan, they will harvest, and they will help build up a farmers market,” Johnson said. “So it will be a collaboration from the students, to the teachers, to the administration as a whole.”

With the grant being approved Johnson said the school district is moving toward being one of innovation.

“This will help to build towards a sustainable growing system that students can use to learn more nutritional based lessons, as well as science lessons,” she said. “Our long term goal is to not only be able to provide food for students in the cafeteria but for the community as well.”

Once the funds from the grant are received, the school can begin planning out the garden.


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