Coleman Pet Services Now Offering Pet Obituaries

Kimber Scout, a 6-year-old Irish wolfhound, loved going for walks, eating cookies and snuggles. Sugar, a 19-year-old Tortoiseshell cat, was a late-night study buddy. Lucy, a 15-year-old Rottweiler-Lab mix, will be remembered for her exceedingly sweet demeanor — and for her habit of mischievously blocking doorways so other dogs couldn’t pass.

Scout, a 16-year-old Basset Hound who belonged to the Justice family, was a notorious food thief. Among his exploits: Eating an entire cup of Dum-Dums suckers one Halloween by carefully unwrapping the candies and spitting out the sticks. Photo provided.

Such are the remembrances of pet owners in North Mississippi, who are now receiving encouraging comments from both friends and strangers as part of Coleman Pet Services’ new online pet obituaries.

Pet owners who use Coleman Pet Services for cremations and memorials now have the chance to share a story and photo about their pet. The pet obituaries are shared on the Coleman Pet Services Facebook page, which has some 1,900 followers.

Coleman Pet Services is a division of Coleman Funeral Home, which operates a separate crematory just for pets.

“We truly believe that pets’ lives are worth celebrating,” said Glenn Coleman, co-owner of Coleman Funeral Home. “Every grieving family deserves the opportunity to share photos and memories of their departed pet. Our pets play such an important role in the lives of our families. It only makes sense to provide obituaries for them, too.”

Obituaries can be viewed here. There is no additional charge for the obituary posting.

Coleman Pet Services provides pet cremation services for families across North Mississippi from its funeral home locations in Oxford, Southaven and Olive Branch. The service can include picking up the deceased pet at a family’s home; pickups from veterinarian offices are free. Pet owners can keep or bury their pet’s remains in a simple canister urn, or they can choose from a variety of engraved urns, monuments and even cremation jewelry. Grave markers are also available.

Coleman Pet Services provides care for service animals free of charge. To view services and pricing, visit this website.

By Lucy Schultze


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