OUT Buses Free to Ride in June, July

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

OUT buses will be free to ride in June and July.

Save some gas and ride one of the Oxford-University Transit buses for free this summer.

OUT announced Friday that everyone can ride the bus for free starting June 1 through July 31.

It is generally $1 to ride the bus; however, it’s free for University of Mississippi students, faculty and staff all year.

OUT General Manager Donna Zampella said the OUT Commission agreed to make the buses free to ride for two months in an effort to increase local resident ridership.

On June 20, OUT will be taking part in the national event, “Dump the Pump,” that encourages people to take the bus to work for that day rather than driving their vehicle.

“More than 100 public transit systems around the country are planning to participate on June 20 in a variety of ways,” Zampella said. “We’re excited about serving the community.”

Those who ride the bus on June 20 will receive a special token of appreciation gift for supporting the OUT system.

OUT is partnering with the Oxford Community Market to hold a Dump the Pump pre-celebration from 3 to 6:30 p.m. at the Old Armory Pavilion during the weekly farmers’ market.

“We will have free lemonade and popcorn along with a few other fun things to do,” Zampella said.

For more information, call OUT at 662-234-3540 or email dzampella@oxfordms.net.



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