Crime & Emergency Reports From May 9, 2019

The following reports were made May 9, 2019, by city and county law enforcement agencies, unless otherwise indicated.

Oxford Police Department issued 24 tickets, investigated 13 wrecks and the following reports:
3 alarms
2 animal complaints
1 careless driving
4 civil matters
4 disturbing the peace complaints
3 domestic disturbances
1 improper parking
7 larcenies
2 lost properties
2 malicious mischief complaints
4 motorist assists
2 other agency assists
1 simple assault
4 suspicious activities
2 suspicious people
1 suspicious vehicle
1 trespassing
1 utility call
1 vehicle search
1 welfare check

OPD officers made the following arrests:
1 careless driving, failure to comply and trespassing
2 out-of-jurisdiction warrants
1 out-of-jurisdiction warrant, no insurance and switched tag
1 possession of drug paraphernalia and trespassing
3 public drunks
1 public drunk and disturbing the peace
2 public drunks and fake ID
1 warrant served

Lafayette Sheriff’s Department investigated three wrecks and the following reports:
1 simple assault
3 agency assists
2 animal complaints
2 civil matters
3 disturbances
1 fraud
1 follow-up
1 harassment
1 juvenile complaint
2 road obstructions
1 suspicious activity
1 suspicious person
2 transports
2 welfare concerns
5 papers served

Deputies made the following arrests:
1 contempt warrant
1 driving with a suspended license
1 domestic violence, simple assault

University Police Department responded to one wreck and one report of a fight at Campus Walk Apartments.

Oxford Fire Department responded to the following calls:
12:03 p.m. – U of M South Parking Lot on Old Taylor Road – a tree fell on a power line
12:04 p.m.- First Presbyterian Church – power outage activated the fire alarm system
12:29 p.m.- Waller Laboratories Hathorn Road – smell of electrical burning – light ballast
12:30 p.m.- The Federal Building – power outage caused someone to get stuck on an elevator
1:21 p.m.- North Residential College – steam in the kitchen activated a smoke detector
2:25 p.m.- Coulter Hall – power outage activated the fire alarm system
2:26 p.m.- Lenoir Hall – power outage activated the fire alarm system
2:31 a.m.- 2317C University Ave. – monitored seizure patient until EMS arrived
5:22 a.m.- 521 Fazio Drive – smoke detector malfunction
6:03 a.m.- 100 Baptist Memorial Circle Pulmonary Associates – call canceled
6:14 a.m.- 704 Martin Luther King Jr. Circle – trouble breathing – EMS already on scene



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