Twin Oaks Fishing Club Offers Picturesque Location for Relaxing Fishing Experience

By Josh Zaragosa intern

The Twin Oaks Fishing Club is as much a destination as it is a club. Members are able to experience a serene location and great company while fishing and relaxing by the water.

The Twins Oaks Farm, located between Oakland and Coffeeville, boasts two stocked lakes—the Charlotte Lake and the S.A. Lake.   

Video by Josh Zaragosa

Owned and managed by Patrice and Lamar O’Brien, who began their journey of owning a fishing club about 15 years ago, the fishing club is private, allowing only authorized members to fish and enjoy the benefits of nature in its location. They stocked the lakes 15 years ago with hybrid bass, bluegill, red ear, and grass carp to maintain the vegetation.

“We all need that kind of peace and quiet,” Lamar said. “Whether you work a sales job or another hectic job, it’s nice to get out and enjoy that peace and quiet.”

The club offers members the privacy and peacefulness they seek that larger public lakes do not. Members are also encouraged to bring their family and friends to experience the thrill of catching fish after fish.

A member of the Twin Oaks Fishing Club shows off her fish. Photo by Josh Zaragosa.

The O’Briens said they wanted to execute the job of owning a fishing club as best they could, so they attended a six-week Wildlife Management seminar where they learned “how to utilize their land in order to get the most value out of it,” Lamar said.

Maintaining a clean, pristine and enjoyable location to experience the joy of fishing is something the O’Briens strive for, they said. 

“I hardly ever have to pick up any trash,” he said. “Everybody feels responsible about putting up the trash.” 

He said he wants each member to have an individualized experience and enjoy themselves in nature, apart from the everyday grind.

“But we can’t catch fish for them!” he said, laughing. 

For more information on how to become a member of the Twin Oaks Fishing Club, call Lamar O’Brien at 601-540-8548.

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