Electro Funk Band ‘Spafford’ Makes Mississippi Debut at Proud Larry’s

By Alec Keyzer-Andre
Hottytoddy.com intern

The electro funk band Spafford is gracing Oxford with its presence tonight at Proud Larry’s. This show will mark the band’s first time ever playing live in Mississippi.

Photo via Proud Larry’s Facebook page.

The band was formed in Arizona in 2009 when the founding members met at an open mic night. They have since released three studio albums and five live albums that have been featured on Sirius XM.

The live, improvisational style of different genres is what Spafford is most notable for. Because of their unique playing abilities, they have been invited to play in multiple festival circuits all around the U.S. They have even opened for big name act Umphrey’s McGee. Band members said they like to provide the crowd with a unique experience each show. 

“Im not sure what my fingers are going to be doing or where the song is going,” Spafford guitarist Brain Moss said. “I just let the music take me into a place that is very meditative, and I get a lot out of that.”

Spafford’s music can be described as cross-genre and eclectic, utilizing elements of rock, funk, electronic, bluegrass, and jazz. The band members each pulled inspiration from their own roots to come together for a unique live performance.

The band is currently on tour in the U.S. and Moss says the band has enjoyed embracing each show.

“We’re all just having fun. You can tell that the band and the fans are really having fun and we all need this,” Moss said. “We’ve all come together, so we’re all embracing each other.”

Moss invites members of the LOU community to come experience the unique sound and experience that is Spafford. 

“You’ve got to come and feel the energy and whats actually happening at a live show and be a part of this,” Moss said. 


  1. The date of the show and even a link to buy tickets would be nice for an article like this, otherwise it’s not very useful.


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