Social Media Craze ‘Celery Juice’ Hits Oxford

Contributed by broadcast journalism student Jack Newsom and Jacob Duke.

New Health Fad Comes to Oxford

Reporter Jack Newsom finds out about one of the newest social media health fads that’s come to Oxford

The celery juice craze has made its way from Instagram to Oxford.

Melody Sharp, owner of Oxford’s Living Foods, says people are buying celery from her store more than ever.

“We’ve definitely had to buy more to accommodate the celery that’s being requested,” Sharo says. “It’s just the newest thing right now.”

Proponents of the stringy, green vegetable say that celery juice is packed with electrolytes, tons of essential vitamins and does provide a great source of fiber.

Celery juice is on the menu at Living Foods in Oxford. Photo by Jack Newsom.

However, health professionals advise people not to buy into the get fit quick posts you see on the internet. Dietitians point out that research on celery juicing is very limited so they cannot say for sure what the health benefits may be.

The drink caught a lot of attention after influencer Kylie Jenner heralded the drink on Instagram as the best start to her day.


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