LOU Crime and Fire Reports from Feb. 14, 2019

The following reports were made Feb. 14, 2019, by city, university and county law enforcement agencies, unless otherwise noted.

Oxford Police Department issued 37 tickets, investigated seven wrecks and the following reports:
3 alarms
1 ambulance assist
2 careless driving
2 civil matters
1 code enforcement
1 credit card fraud
1 fire department assist
3 K9 search
1 lost property
1 motorist assist
1 recovered property
2 suspicious activities
4 suspicious people

Officers made the following arrests:
1 DUI and speeding
1 minor in possession of alcohol, fake ID and color of lighting devices
1 possession of drug paraphernalia
1 public drunk and fake ID
1 simple assault, public drunk and disorderly conduct

Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department reports were unavailable Tuesday.
1 alarm
2 animal complaints
1 grand larceny
2 service calls
3 suspicious activities
2 welfare concerns
5 transports
2 information
2 follow up
2 reckless driving
1 civil matter
1 standby

Deputies made the following arrests:
1 possession of a controlled substance
1 sale of a controlled substance

University Police Department investigated two wrecks and the following reports:
3 wreck
1 larceny
1 suspicious vehicle
1 bad check

Oxford Fire Department reports were unavailable Friday.


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