Oxford Stores Cater to Valentine’s Day Procrastinators

Story Contributed by Maddy Bierster (maddy.bierster@yahoo.com) and Ashley Muller (anmulle1@go.olemiss.edu)

Each year on Feb. 14, many make their Valentine’s Day purchases a last minute endeavor. Certain shops in Oxford, like the Dollar Tree, are almost out of Valentine’s candy and gifts on their shelves.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Shopping

Shopping last minute for Valentine’s Day gifts? Luckily some stores in Oxford still have holiday goodies available. Check out what locations will help you finish up your shopping.

Americans are expected to spend just under $21 billion on Valentine’s Day this year. That’s a 6 percent increase from last years spending, according to the National Retail Federation.

Even though Dollar Tree’s stock is depleted, Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS still have plenty on the shelves.

Last minute shoppers like student Davis Guile got what he needed for his girlfriend.

“(I got) chocolate of course,” he said. 

Walmart greeter Jessica Jackson says she’s seen a lot of procrastinators today.

“We’re (still) selling flowers, teddy bears, and candy,” she said.

The National Retail Federation estimates the average person will spend more than $160 on Valentine’s Day – a sweet ending to the holiday for local stores.


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