Hotty Toddy News Introduces New Entertainment Segment is introducing a new video segment to its news coverage cycle.

The bi-monthly video segment, produced by Ole Miss broadcast students Madison Scarpino and Kristen Bentley, will bring the community a “fun, relatable news feature focusing on Oxford’s lifestyle, food, and pop culture scene.” The segment will be entitled “LOU Presents” and will encapsulate all audiences from the Lafayette-Oxford University communities.

Kristen Bentley (left) and Madison Scarpino (right) are the hosts of LOU Presents. Photo provided.

Scarpino said she’s excited for the new venture because community news and reporting unique content is her passion.

“LOU Presents will take all things lifestyle, pop culture, entertainment, and news to attract people our age and Ole Miss fans/alumni,” she said.

As an out-of-state student from Virginia, Bentley said she wants to bring a different perspective than the normal to

“I’m excited to cover a different type of story for the Oxford community and keep people informed about popular culture nationally,” she said. “I hope that this expands the news that both Oxford residents and Ole Miss students stay engaged with.”

Look for the inaugural segment on Thursday, Jan. 31. 

Staff report


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