Miss Behavin Owner Continues to Bring the Newest Trends to Oxford

By Rachel DePaolo
Hottytoddy.com intern

In a town full of traditions, Miss Behavin—a boutique nestled on the Oxford Square—is bringing trendy and fashion-forward clothing and accessories to the community.

Ivy Jackon, Owner of Miss Behavin. Photo submitted.

“I’ve always had a passion for finding the next best and unique clothing items and accessories,” Ivy Jackson, Miss Behavin owner said. “I’ve always had the drive to be successful, but never fully understood where to begin.”

With no formal experience in the fashion industry but the drive to learn, Jackson set out to create reality from her dreams.

“While prospecting locations, I found that Oxford was the best location available and it offered an opportunity to grow. I liquidated my inventory and packed up and moved to Oxford and started Miss Behavin,” Jackson said.

As Miss Behavin continued to grow, it became a little less about the fashion and more about growing a positive brand and being a positive role model for the women at her store.

MB Barbies (from left to right) Juliet Aguerre-Matteo, Ellie Stehr and Georgia Huddleston. Photo from MB Instagram.

“Although I’m obsessed with fashion, the best part about my job is having an opportunity to bring a group of talented young girls together and build a team with them and having the chance to inspire and mentor them. I love my MB Barbies,” Jackson said.

“MB Barbies” is the sisterhood of Miss Behavin, as that’s what each employee at Miss Behavin is referred to by Jackson.

“I love working for Miss Behavin,” said Ellie Stehr, a Miss Behavin employee. “Not only is it fun to work with fashion, but it is amazing to have a boss like Ivy who wants to mentor you throughout the whole experience.”

For Jackson, a typical 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job isn’t in her job description. From remodeling the store, managing the MB Barbies and buying merchandise for the store, Jackson constantly stays on her feet working sometimes until 3 a.m. to remodel the store and get all the new merchandise out. Jackson is committed to rotating merchandise as trends come and go to stay up to date.

“I go to market to buy new clothing typically every month or every two months. Fashion trends are constantly changing so I try to be as versatile as possible. I even make all of my Barbies complete a look book before I go to market to keep them involved and see what kind of fashion they are into,” Jackson said.

Jackson visits markets across the country to find the best merchandise she can for her store and her prices, she said. Miss Behavin is known for providing Oxonians trendy and chic looks with a piece of clothing or accessory for everybody.

“When I go to market, I always think about what I buy and the environment my store is in. I think about is there something that everybody could have when they walk into my store? I don’t want my store to be one that has to look a certain way to wear my clothes and accessories. I want everybody to feel welcomed and connect to Miss Behavin in one way or another,” Jackson said.

To learn more about Miss Behavin fashion, please follow this link to the Instagram page. 


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