Mississippi Ranked 8th Most Affected State by the Government Shutdown

By Talbert Toole
Lifestyles Editor

The Mississippi state capitol in Jackson, Miss. Photo via Flickr.

In a recent analysis by WalletHub—a personal finance website—Mississippi was ranked 8th most affected state by the current partial government shutdown under President Trump.

The finance website compared all 50 states, including the District of Columbia, across five key metrics in order to rank the states. The metrics included a range from each state’s share of federal jobs to federal contract dollars per capita along with the share of families receiving food stamps.

Mississippi landed 8th overall with a score of 45.56. The analysis also included four other key areas of where the state landed. In first place, being the most affected, was the District of Columbia with a score of 78.59 and Minnesota in 51st place with a score of 10.54 being the least affected by the shutdown.

Photo via WalletHub.

The government shutdown is nearly two weeks old and still affecting approximately 800,000 government employees, many of those who are either sent home on unpaid leave and over half working without pay, according to The New York Times.

Shutdowns occur when Congress fails to approve a budget for government operations, or the president refuses to sign it, by a certain deadline.

The departments and federal agencies that are affected by the shutdown include Homeland Security, Justice, State and Treasury departments along with the Environmental Protection Agency and NASA.

Wednesday the Democratic party took back the House of Representatives in Congress. Nancy Pelosi was elected as the speaker and said previously the House would pass budget legislation that would provide sufficient funds to end the shutdown.

For more information on WalletHub’s analysis of states affected by the government shutdown, visit their website.


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