MaxxSouth Rate Increases Not City’s Doing Says Oxford Mayor

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

MaxxSouth’s location on Jackson Ave.

After fielding a few phone calls from concerned citizens about an increase in their MaxxSouth bill, Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill announced Tuesday that the city has no say in cable television and internet rates.

On Tuesday, during the Oxford Board of Aldermen meeting, Tannehill said she had received phone calls from customers upset about a letter they received informing them of rate increases from MaxxSouth.

“The city does have a franchise agreement with MaxxSouth, but we don’t control their rates,” she said.

The letter, signed by John Wuerdeman, vice president/GM, was sent to MaxxSouth customers on Nov. 30 showing a $9.99 increase to its Expanded Cable, that will bring the cost to $118.39 for that cable television package. Model fees will also be increased to $10 for cable and phone modems. There will be a $10 decrease in the Basic Cable package, resulting in a new rate of $48.45 a month.

MaxxSouth said the increases were a result of the rising costs in cable programming, pole rentals and operations support.

“We have continued to upgrade our network to deliver 1 GIG internet speeds to 85 percent of the homes and business in our service areas and we will soon be able to deliver IPTV (MaxxSouth TV) to thousands of homes across our service areas as well,” the letter states. “These additional upgrades to our broadband network will allow us, starting this coming spring, to increase the download speeds to our Maxxspeed internet customers.”

Maxxsouth said some customers will experience faster internet after these upgrades are made at “no additional cost.”

For more information, questions and comments, call MaxxSouth at 800-457-5351.


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