Square Favorite ‘Miss Behavin’ Offers Shoppers an Edgy Look

By Mary Mattocks Willis and Rachel Ladisic
Hottytoddy.com interns

Many clothing stores scattered throughout Oxford’s downtown Square are known for their trendy, fashionable, and durable pieces. With so many boutiques in one place, Oxford has plenty of competition. Ivy Jackson, owner of “Miss Behavin’” opened the store almost 20 years ago and said her store stands above the rest. 

Photo by Rachel Ladisic.

As customers walk inside Miss Behavin they will travel up the stairs above the Blind Pig Pub to the beat of the newest hip hop song blasting with bright lights that shine on clothes filling every wall of the store. The customers will see racks filled to the brim with different types of sweaters, skirts, or even a belts they may need for a game day outfit. The newest trends, brightest fabrics, and fresh styles all exist within the walls of Miss Behavin.

“You have to have spunk, individuality and something to make your personal store stand out and make enough business to last,” manager Haley Hydrick said.

After living in Oxford for almost 20 years, Jackson, the owner, said she discovered the ins-and-outs of owning a clothing store in a small college town. With dramatic changes and large developments taking shape downtown, Jackson said she has had to incorporate those into keeping the success of her store up to its standards.

As the manager, Hydrick said they stay on top of advertising to make sure they are different from all other clothing stores seen on the Square. 

“Don’t get me wrong, I think other stores on the Square have cute clothes, but we get most of our clothing shipped in from LA, which gives off an edgy, bright look,” Hydrick said. “I think other stores’ clothing are too similar that are shipped in from Atlanta or somewhere like that.”

To help in getting out the word about the store, employees use social media as their main gateway for advertising. “Miss Behavin” has a Facebook page and an Instagram page that they keep updated daily, with new arrivals and special deals they are currently offering. 

Photo by Rachel Ladisic.

“We also have the girls who work here help promote the shop, wear the items, and tell all of their friends to come in and see new items that [Miss Behavin] just got in,” Hydrick said.

Miss Behavin’s only location is in Oxford, which Jackson said makes it more dear to her and more than likely special to the employees that work at the one-of-a-kind store. 

“There has been talk recently of maybe opening up elsewhere, but that’s only talk right now. Nothing official,” Jackson said.



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