Boutique Owners, Customers Possess a Passion for Frock Fashions

By Hailey Cunningham and Madison Garvey interns

When a parent’s child leaves for college, empty nest syndrome can begin to take effect. While parent teacher organizations and school volunteering obligations began to dwindle, Madison, Mississippi resident Trisha Richardson realized she needed a new creative outlet to fill the void of an empty home. 

After some soul searching, she discovered Frock Fashions—a fashion boutique located on The Square. Frock combined her passion for style, helping others and community engagement.

Frock Fashion stocks a variety of trendy ponytail scarves. Photo by Hailey Cunningham.

Richardson began her professional career as an elementary education teacher; however,  she recalls how she has always had a passion for fashion.

Now Richardson has taken that passion and applied it to her new career as the general manager for both the Oxford and Madison boutique locations.

Richardson said she travels from Madison to Oxford every Wednesday to bring new stock and check on the store operations. She describes Frock’s overall vibe as “middle of the road”.

“It can be uptown, boho, traditional, or classic,” she said. “We want everyone to find something for them at Frock.”

Frock Fashions offers a cozy sitting area outside their dressing rooms. Photo by Hailey Cunningham.

This brick-and-mortar building is a prime location on the Square, giving locals, students and visitors optimal accessibility to shop for clothing and other trinkets. The bright lights complement clean, white walls and the dark-wash hardwood floors produce a modern and fresh atmosphere.

Because Frock aims to have something for every shopper, the store sells very transitional pieces for any and every age.

From Big Cities to Small Boutiques

The buying process is a full time job for Frock Fashion managers, Richardson and her colleague Jacqui Holmes. Holmes lives in Los Angeles and brings her fashion inspiration from the West Coast to this small town boutique.

The buying process is a full time job for the Frock Fashion managers, Richardson and her colleague, Jacqui Holmes. Photo by Hailey Cunningham.

Richardson said the two are constantly on the lookout for new styles. They actively go to markets several times a year in New York City, Las Vegas, Dallas and Los Angeles, which brings big city style to this small town boutique.

Trips to market are focused on finding brands and styles that other Oxford boutiques do not offer, Richardson said, to step out of the box.

Richardson said this fall’s latest trends are big scarfs, ponytail scarves, menswear for women, cropped sweaters and large earrings.

Having college students as employees is helpful, Richardson said, because the students are constantly filling her in with the current fashion trends and what styles to look out for when shopping at market.

“When I shop at Frock I know that when I walk down the street I won’t see someone wearing the same outfit as me,” said Claire Carter, a frequent Frock customer and Ole Miss student.

Carter said she can always find something she likes and is affordable.

Ethically Endorsed

Frock strives to carry brands that come from places that have an honorable and moral work environment, according to Richardson. The boutique likes to give its support to brands who manufacture their clothes ethically.

“We love to be able to provide affordable fashion that is fashion forward,” Richardson said. “We like to be known for our outstanding knowledge in fashion and the latest trends. We want to provide the best customer service in the area.”

For example, a portion of sales from Frock’s Pendleton brand rain boots supports critical restoration projects for national parks and forests all over the United States.

Hard Tail athletic and leisure-wear is a new brand carried by Frock. Local to Florida, this brand celebrates and embraces female athleticism.

Gentle Fawn, Level 99 Jeans and Capri Blue candles are also some of the store’s top-selling brands. They strive to discover unique brands who have a story or passion behind their clothes.

“Our No. 1 goal is to make every one of our customers feel beautiful,” Richardson said. “We try not to be like everyone else. We like to add our own twist to current fashion and styles.”


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