Lafayette Leaders Approve Contract with MS Critterz

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors look over a contract with MS Critterz Monday night. From left, supervisors Mike Robert, David Rikard, Jeff Busby, Chad McLarty and Kevin Frye, and County Attorney David O’Donnell. Photo by Alyssa Schnugg.

The Lafayette County Board of Supervisors approved a six-month contract with MS Critterz, the organization now tasked with running the animal shelter on McElroy Drive.

MS Critterz was selected by Oxford officials to run the animal shelter after the Oxford-Lafayette Humane Society informed the city it would no longer be operating the shelter and providing animal control services as of Sept. 30.

Director Gail Brown asked the supervisors in October to consider a contract, separate from the city of Oxford and pay the same price per animal as the city pays, which is $78 per dog or cat. The would make the county’s contribution about $92,830, based on intake number from previous years.

The city also pays for animal control services. They will be giving MS Critterz about $106,269 annually.

However, some of the supervisors said they would prefer to use more current figures before agreeing to the amount. Brown met with supervisors Chad McLarty and David Rikard and County Attorney David O’Donnell after the October meeting.

On Monday, during the board’s regular meeting, supervisors approved a six-month contract that would grant MS Critterz $30,000 now and then $3,000 in March and another $3,000 in April.

After the six months are up, the supervisors will review the intake numbers at the shelter to determine how many animals were taken in by Lafayette County residents and review the contract and the amount at that time, said Supervisor Kevin Frye after the meeting.

Brown told the supervisors she expects that “if all goes as planned” the shelter will be fully operational and open by Nov. 12.

“We’re working hard to get everything cleaned and furniture moved in,” Brown said. “I will have some volunteers to help me do the final deep cleaning this week.”

McLarty thanked Brown for her hard work and service her group is providing.

“We look forward to working with MS Critterz,” McLarty said.

Oxford Alderman Janice Antonow, who represents the city as a liaison to the shelter, suggested to the supervisors they should go and adopt a pet from the shelter.

“I think everyone in this room needs to go do that,” Supervisor and Board President Jeff Busby said, chuckling.



  1. Prayers for this new group and their mission to have all pets with homes. We need to support them with getting a good cheap spay/neuter clinic going. And people need to understand that having a pet is like having a child–you are responsible for its entire lifetime and any offspring are your responsibility as well. Prayers for the staff and all volunteers who selflessly care for these animals and our community 24/7. Please support your local shelter with its needs and by being a responsible pet owner.


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